Past Issues

Volume 2, Number 2, September 2019

Bayesian Estimation of Change Point for Traffic Intensity in M/M/1 Queueing Model under Different Loss Function by Using Quasi Prior

    Saroja Kumar Singh
    Pages: 112 ~ 123
    Download PDF(364 KB)

A Discrete Workload Conservation Law with Applications to Discrete-Time Queueing Systems

    Muhammad El-Taha
    Pages: 124 ~ 152
    Download PDF(1115 KB)

The Stationary Distribution of the M/M/1 Queue with Batch Reneging Triggered by Line Cutting

    Nicholas O. Kirby and Matthew O. Jones
    Pages: 154 ~ 172
    Download PDF(903 KB)

Distributed Server Allocation for Content Delivery Networks

    Sarath Pattathil and Vivek S. Borkar
    Pages: 174 ~ 200
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On a Geo/G/1 Queue with Disastrous and Non-disastrous Failures

    Tsung-Yin Wang, Tzu-Hsin Liu, and Fu-Min Chang
    Pages: 202 ~ 221
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