Current Issues

Volume 5, Number 2, September 2022

A Stochastic Analysis and Price Mechanism of Car/Ride-Share System Considering Road Congestion

    Ayane Nakamura, Tuan Phung-Duc and Hiroyasu Ando
    Pages: 1 ~ 27
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Sampling and Importance Resampling in Traffic Intensity Estimates in Markovian Single-server Queues

    Victor B. Quinino, Frederico R. B. Cruz and Roberto C. Quinino
    Pages: 29 ~ 44
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A Note on Customer Joining Strategy in a Discrete-time Geo/G/1 Queue with Server Vacations - a Simple Mean Value Analysis

    Ji-hong Li, Zhe George Zhang and Xiaofeng Chen
    Pages: 45 ~ 61
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Bounding Stationary Expectations for Queues and Storage Processes Fed by Stationary Input Sequences

    Peter W. Glynn and Zeyu Zheng
    Pages: 63 ~ 73
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