Past Issues

Volume 3, Number 2, September 2020

Data Driven Server Allocation at Virtual Computing Labs

    Siyun Yu, Nelson Lee, Vidayadhar G. Kulkarni and Haipeng Shen
    Pages: 137 ~ 166
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On a Queueing System with Processing of Service Items under Vacation and N-policy with Impatient Customers

    V. Divya, A. Krishnamoorthy, V. M. Vishnevsky and D. V. Kozyrev
    Pages: 167 ~ 201
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Performance Analysis of a Discrete-Time Queue with Versatile Batch Transmission Rule Under Batch Size Sensitive Policy

    Arunava Maity, U. C. Gupta and Nitin Kumar
    Pages: 203 ~ 234
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Modeling the Gradual Degradation of Eventually-Consistent Distributed Graph Databases

    Paul Ezhilchelvan, Isi Mitrani and Jim Webber
    Pages: 235 ~ 253
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