Past Issues

Volume 3, Number 1, March 2020

Queueing-Inventory Models for a Two-Vendor System with Positive Service Times

    Srinivas R. Chakravarthy and Khizer Hayat
    Pages: 1 ~ 35
    Download PDF(1384 KB)

Multi-Layer MMFF Processes and the MAP/PH/K+GI Queue: Theory and Algorithms

    Qi-Ming He and Haoran Wu
    Pages: 37 ~ 88
    Download PDF(891 KB)

Retrial System with Three Retrial Policies Subject to Repairable Starting Failures

    Tzu-Hsin Liu, Zhe-George Zhang and Jau-Chuan Ke
    Pages: 89 ~ 109
    Download PDF(561 KB)

Asymptotic Performance of an Energy-Aware G/G/C Queue with General Setup Times

    Vincent J. Maccio and Douglas G. Down
    Pages: 111 ~ 135
    Download PDF(816 KB)